What Is Cloud Desktop?

Cloud Desktop is our name for our Desktop-as-a-Service platform. These days a smartphone or tablet has nearly the same processing power as a PC, just not the same operating system, so you aren’t able to just install anything you may want – you have to hope there is an app compatible with your phone or tablet.

For some things you just need a real computer. But how often do you need to use that full computer? Do you have the extra space for it? Can you afford it? Or are you one of those who finds it easier to do without, borrow a friends laptop, or go to the library to use their computers? Now we can remove most of those issues in a single, easy step. We keep the computers up and online in our datacenter, and you rent the type of system you need for as long as you need it – and no longer. It takes up no space in your residence or business, has no large initial investment, and you have zero risk of losing it to theft, fire, electrical surges, etc. When you need it, just whip out your phone or tablet, connect, and go! If you have compatible hardware, you can stream your phone’s screen to your TV for a larger screen to better show the full display a desktop can produce.

With a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a TV that you can stream your phone to, our Cloud Desktop platform can turn your phone into a full desktop computer, running MacOS, Windows, or most flavors of Linux.

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