When you think of virtual reality, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer is those big clunky headsets blocking your vision as you stumble into things to play video games. An expensive setup with very little payoff. You don’t need that anymore. With our platform you can access virtual reality from your existing computer. And we will soon be offering Virtual Reality as a Service that will allow you to use any smartphone or tablet to access VR from anywhere at anytime. You will soon be able to work, shop, attend classes, decorate your home and more in a safe virtual environment. The possibilities are limitless.

Just as the internet started in one dimension (text only) and evolved to the web as we know it now, complete with pictures, videos, and streaming media to make a 2 dimensional interface, virtual and augmented reality sites are the next layer of internet growth. Imagine being able to login to your favorite phone manufacturer’s site (or merchant’s site) and check out the new products in 3D almost as if you were there in person, looking at a running display model and playing with it to see what it can do – but from your bed in your PJ’s. Or how about looking at your favorite hardware store, clicking through flooring or paint samples and seeing how they look applied to your floors or walls (in your virtual reality home site that is a copy of your real home), looking at the flooring in different lighting and different times of day, comparing lighting with curtains open or closed, all from your couch.

You could even use your virtual home to re-organize your furniture, moving things back and forth till you are happy, then move the real furniture just once. These are just a few of the smaller examples of some popular uses for virtual reality.